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As a professional expert for the unarmed and armed escort of secure transportation services to individuals, businesses and government entities, i.b.s.® assists its clients on the road, train, at sea and in the air.

With our in-depth knowledge of supply chains and logistics, we are able not only to accompany transports throughout Europe but also on an over-seas level as the secure escort of international transports is one of i.b.s.® specialized armed and unarmed services.

As a trusted security service provider, i.b.s.® supports your success by securing e.g. critical shipments by road throughout Europe especially in the countries of Eastern Europe. With our professional armed or unarmed operator teams depending on your specific needs and the value of your transported goods, we have accompanied and secured transports of various high-valuable goods through countries as an example in Bosnia and Herzegovina, successfully from the first loading via borders and custom controls up to the final delivery of the goods to the receiving parties.

Due to our maritime security expertise of more than a decade, we are also able to escort and secure transports of heavy-bulk or containerized goods on international sea lanes and maritime hubs against acts of organized crime like piracy at sea, manipulation or theft of sensible cargo. Our protection services of assets and cargos ensures the safe delivery of the goods of your customer and is proven by a flawless track record since more than twelve years.

Especially in the field of military transports we are well versed in the secure escort of IMO 1 explosives and ammunition, arms and weapon systems, armored vehicles and military supplies or parts for armored vehicles. We offer integrated security services based on tailor made security concepts which enable our customers to focus on their core business, instead of spending much time and energy sorting out complicated security issues.

Our teams of unarmed and armed security specialists as well security consultant are comprised primarily of former military and law enforcement personnel with decades of experience in protection, investigations, logistics and tactical industries in specialized units. i.b.s.® customize its services based on the needs of each of our clients, and we look forward to designing your comprehensive protection strategy with your unique needs in mind.

In addition we would like to point out that we play the game strictly by the book: qualified security operators, official Governmental authorizations, permits and transit licenses, liability insurance and risks compensations- everything required to ensure a perfect and up to date compliance and safety.

Therefor i.b.s.® operates within the most stringent security guidelines of the industry and therefor making us the trustworthy security service provider.

As currently one (1) of only two (2) armed maritime security service and escort provider and on top the only German maritime security provider world wide (!) with operational back round since the year 2005 certified by the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) in Eschborn / Germany our layer approach to transport security includes

  • Comprehensive background checks of our employees including governmental authority approvals
  • Hand picked strategic partners for assistance services e.g. logistic support
  • Compliance with international industry security programs for classified material
  • State-of-the-art-equipment for personal and team use, communications and information systems
  • Extensive and continuous security and awareness trainings for our employees (operators and office staff)
  • Develop Transport Security Concepts of Operations
  • Develop Transport Security Plan
  • Conduct Transport and Traffic Security Risk Assessments
  • Develop Transport Hub Security Operations Plan for Ports, Rail and Truck Stations, Airport, Roads, Sea Routes 
  • Develop User Group Transport and Escorting Security Plan
  • Assistance for Governments through security escort officers during the removal of individuals within deportations to their home countries

just to mention a few examples of our comprehensive services.

Further more i.b.s.® operation services in addition includes e.g. constant surveillance services, dual-driver and additional-driver protective services, un-/armed protective services, security escort vehicle, satellite monitoring surveillance services. 

Our high quality standards and our commitment to client services including a proofed track record ensures that our clients requirements for comprehensive transport and escort services for their goods and cargos is on the highest level possible anywhere in the world we are serving.

Contact us today for a consultation on your special security needs and we would be more then pleased to assist you as best as possible.

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Ghorfa Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry
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