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i.b.s.® offers professional and comprehensive solutions to increase the protection of maritime critical infrastructure with highly technically equipped, seagoing MRPs (Multi Role Platform) and specially trained personnel..

Our solutions secure ports, individual port facilities and incoming waterways, based on the International Ship Port Security Code (ISPS Code) to protect against crime and terrorism.

We are not only limited to protection and reconnaissance measures up to armed security, but also provide support with inspection measures and reconnaissance measures with surface drones (UAV) and underwater drones (ROV), as well as with on-site analysis and the creation of emergency response plans.

Through comprehensive risk and vulnerability analyses, tailored concepts and professionally trained staff, i.b.s.® offers you a variety of prevention and intervention options using the latest technology, which ensure the effective implementation of these concepts by providing security personnel and operational technology. This also includes, for example, the position of experienced PFSO (Port Facility Security Officers).

This is particularly confirmed by the previous support of national and international projects in the areas of on-shore and off-shore, especially LNG projects.

Since the ISPS code was developed specifically as a measure against international terrorism, concepts based on this code, in combination with security concepts against organized crime and terrorism, can drastically increase the protection of ports and individual port facilities. However, it is not only land-based security solutions that are important here, but also reconnaissance from the water side, where i.b.s.®, as a specialist represents significant added value with its company own MRPs, which are unique in the civil security sector.

The monitoring of potentially endangered areas with highly developed sensor technology, some of which comes from the field of military development, is also part of our company's range of services, as is the planning and implementation of access controls and protection of restricted areas that should not be accessible to everyone liek e.g.

  • Ports
  • Port facilities
  • Off-Shore Installatiosn at Sea
  • Ship Yards, e.g. Dry Dogs
  • Nuclear Power Plants on Rvers
  • Energy Substatiosn on Rivers
  • Energy Power Plants on Rivers
  • Production Facilities
  • Other infrastructure located on rivers and lakes
  • Commercial Ships, Military Vessel and yachts in ports and on roadsteads (Force Protection)

With our very mobile high-speed MRPs manned with civil armed forces, measures such as securing against the influence of terrorist and/or criminal groups above and underwater can significantly reduce the occurrence of catastrophic scenarios, and if necessary even eliminate them.

Since i.b.s.® is the only provider in the commercial security industry in Germany to operate such high-speed platforms, we are the first point of contact for you when it comes to this unparalleled service.

Don't leave the monitoring and protection of your investments to chance, but entrust it to our experts.






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