Testimonials of i.b.s.® clients

On this page, you may view a few testimonials written for our company by our satisfied clients, which show´s the dependability and professionality of our employees whilst implementing their assignments.

Please understand that for reasons of discretion and in respect to our clients privacy only short passages from those letters of testimonials are published here which contains no relevant names, facts or country descriptions. 

Hereby we would like to thank you for your professional assistance over the past years.

As one of the best-known brands, […] sets standards in the areas of customer service and dining experience around the globe. With more than 1,477 restaurants and around 58,000 employees, […] is the leading restaurant chain in Germany.

Within the scope of our group-internal risk management and an in-depth evaluation of the reputable companies on the market in the private security sector, […] Inc. decided to enter into a cooperation with i.b.s. Internationale Bodyguard- & Sicherheitsagentur e.K. in the areas of planning and implementation of operative security services in the year 2014. In addition, […] Inc. entrusted i.b.s. with the preparation and realisation of prevention and security concepts, which are currently being successfully continued for the management board of the restaurant chain.

The main focus of the assigned risk reduction measures was on prevention. This includes the development of strategies for the prevention of crisis situations.

The contract awarded by […] Inc. included among other things the preparation of security concepts for increasing the personal security of the group’s management board, the planning and implementation of armed personal security missions for the protection of the group’s management boards in Germany and the USA, the planning and implementation of surveillance work due to the current security situation, the support and consultation in the area of risk management and preparation of individual security concepts and the concept development, planning and implementation of seminars for increasing the security of the operative and logistical infrastructure in the areas of prevention and response to small-scale crime and special threat scenarios, such as rampage killings and terrorist attacks.

The increased awareness of all employees, measures for minimising interruptions of business and enhanced security standards with regard to the personal safety of all employees are a sustainable contribution to an increased security level in the group.

- Head of Security of an international retail corporation


.... The personal protection transferred to you and your agency for the above-mentioned persons was comprehensive and included the coordination of your security concept with SFOR (international peace-keeping troops in Bosnia and Hercegovina), IPTF (International Police Task Force/UN Police troops in Bosnia and Hercegovina , local police authorities and relevant private security services, but also the implementation of a concept vis-à-vis the (...)! The prescribed assignments, which I can only describe as exemplary, were carried out within an extremely difficult environment. Bosnia and Hercegovina is still marked by the consequences of war that can be the cause of latent ethnic confrontations. Significant forms of criminal delinquency are on the daily agenda and have also led to dangerous situations! I would like to confirm to you that I was completely satisfied with the completion of your assignment. My subjective feeling of safety was strengthened thanks to the efforts made by you and your employees. I would like .....

– Leader of an Institute for the fight against organised crime 

After conducting extensive research on the German security market in search of a reliable and trustworthy service provider for safeguarding several transports involving military goods for the (…), we decided to entrust the armed protective accompaniment of such sensitive, military goods of the (…) army to the company i.b.s. International Operative Services e.K. (commercial register no. 120947) in 2017.

Within the scope of this assignment, i.b.s. was not only entrusted with the operative realisation of intensive deployment planning undertaken ahead of the mission, but also with advising our haulage company and the development of an effective security concept for the secure loading and shipping of military goods across several national borders and sea routes, including the unloading of the goods at their destination.

ln light of the above, the company implemented the jointly agreed, individual security concept by providing operative services in the form of protection teams whereby these were – pursuant to the German provisions – equipped with semiautomatic pistols and guns as well as tactical equipment and special equipment in accordance with the approval granted for i.b.s. by the German Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt) in Wiesbaden and the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Expert Control (BAFA) in Eschborn.

During the assignments conducted for our haulage company and our client over a total period of one and a half (1.5) years, the i.b.s. staff demonstrated an extremely professional and confident demeanour while, at the same time, acting very discretely, as requested by our client. This not only reflected the many years of experience, but also the specialised training and further training of the i.b.s. staff. This also manifested itself in the entirely positive feedback we received from our clients.

Apart from the professional consultation and concept development of the assignments by the i.b.s. management and the management teams, we also benefited from genuine reliability with regard to the planning and realisation of the protection assignments based on the quality management systems implemented in the company; consequently, we got to know i.b.s. as a reliable and skilled partner for the protection and guarding of sensitive military arms transports.

- CEO of an international transport enterprise


i.b.s. ® Internationale Bodyguard- & Sicherheitsagentur e.K. had placed an armed on-board team of three forces as a counter-piracy protection for eleven days during a transit from Egypt through the Red Sea , the Gulf of Aden and Arab Sea. Before the missions has started but as well whilst working aboard the M/Y (...), your and your teams responsibilities included the embarkation and disembarkation of the protection team in sea near Egypt and Oman, a crew advice as to counter-piracy measures and establishing that on-board counter-piracy measures, armed counter-piracy watch and ensuring the vessel and its crew were safe against piracy attack at all times 24/7. The ability of your armed protection team to work in a reliable and professional manner was outstanding and very discreet. You and your team member have been highly respected by the people whom they worked alongside for this short time period and we all felt the mission and team was excellent organized and by performing your duties always right on time and faithful. i.b.s. Internationale Bodyguard- & Sicherheitsagentur e.K., you Mr. Ruetten and your member of the protection team did an excellent job and I would not hesitate to recommend you and your company in the future for highly sensitive missions like ours.

– The captain of a private yacht

….  following a successful co-operation, in which the protection of our high-ranking overseas political guests was always of utmost priority, as well as on previous occasions amongst others the Director of Immigration from (...), we wish to confirm once again our extreme satisfaction with the implementation of the operative, armed personal protection for the Minister of Home Affairs from (...), his Excellency (...) and his Ministerial Delegation, on the occasion of his visit to Berlin and Hamburg on (...) and (...). Dear Mr Rütten and colleagues, as on previous occasions, you have once again displayed your dependability, professionalism and the reserve and unobtrusiveness required. Our guests felt to be well protected during the entire time period and we were excellently supported with the agreed implementation and protective measures discussed in advance. You and your employees, to whom we would once again like to offer our heartfelt thanks, carried out to our complete satisfaction this demanding assignment to protect important personalities and company guests and we will be more than happy to approach you again for any future occasions of this type.

– Head of Security of a German leading company for biometric ID Systems

... We are happy to thank you for the 15-month deployment of armed personnel protection for our shipping company. Following the threat situation concerning a leading member of our shipping company and the decision to take personal protection measures, we undertook comprehensive research within the private security market. Following careful consideration between the required competence and professionalism, combined with discretion and quality in the implementation of the required service, the decision was made to employ (...) in your company. The services provided by you and your employees comprised not only the conceptional co-ordination of a protection concept in advance but also its later implementation. All of the transferred protection measures were implemented with motivation, conscientiously, dependably, discreetly and according to the requirements of such a high quality assignment and to our complete satisfaction. The person placed into your trust considered himself to be professionally protected and not constricted in any way, so that throughout the protection assignment a very good relationship existed between you, your employees and the person under your protection. .... we wish you, Mr. Rütten and your employees all the very best and much success and also .....

– Managing Director of a major German shipping company

.... once again we wish to thank you for your excellent work. The planning and preparation of the safety measures for this event and our 27 VIP guests, as well as its implementation with 10 protection personnel and 16 drivers, was completely professional and characterised by comprehensive, specialist competence.  During the implementation of this assignment your employees kept completely and discreetly in the background as per our instructions.....

– Head of Security of a Japanese world enterprise

.... with a high level of professionalism, i.b.s., with many years of involvement  within the Formula 1 environment, ensured  the safety of the VIPs, including (...) and (...). From the outset, your company’s employees proved to be far-seeing and trustworthy in the business at hand. From initial contact at the preparation stage of the VIPs’ public appearance right up to the planning of the same, the personnel protection unit relied on many years’ experience, which made contact for all parties trustworthy and agreeable. The operative personal protection was carried out to the complete satisfaction of the customer as well as the VIPs and the police authorities. We wish you Mr. Rütten ...

– Head of Security of a German major industrial company

..... the sector of air security and rescue was transferred  to you and your employees. Included in your duties was the procurement of 3 helicopters including the personnel, the coordination between the racing management and the helicopter deployment as well as the procuring the appropriate flight approvals, which you fulfilled to our complete satisfaction. Through your excellent devotedness and ingenuity you were able to ...

– Organiser of the 1st Class 1 Power Boat World Championship

..... we would like to thank you warmly for the personal protection, which your agency provided for (...). We can confirm that your agency employees fulfilled our expectations to our complete satisfaction. You completely understood how to implement the given assignments according to the character of the event. (...) co-operation with the State Office of Criminal Investigation for Lower Saxony and the district police authorities took place constructively and in good understanding.  We consider your capabilities to be very positive, adapted to the respective situation and discreetly carried out. Especially esteemed was your capability to work together with us the organisers and also your high levels of perseverance and your ability to cope with pressure. Many thanks .....

– Security representative for the visit of (...) in Germany

..... We would like to thank you and your team warmly for your professional involvement on the occasion of the visit by (...) in Hamburg. The Minister of the Interior (...) , led a high-ranking ministerial delegation, who came to visit our company on the occasion of their visit to Hamburg. You, Mr. Rütten, and your team fulfilled your assignment within the framework of armed personal protection to our complete satisfaction. We were won over by your determined but unobtrusive approach and you relieved us of a great burden in the important area of  safety for our guests. Our guests and we always felt that we were in good hands. We would like to expressly offer our thanks for this excellent work. For future .....

– Head of Security of a German leading company for biometric ID Systems

...... I would like to thank you here in name of  (...) of Lower Saxony as well as the (...) for the services provided within the framework of the 28th Lower Saxony Day. The assignment was to provide armed personal protection for the Federal Minister for Defence, Mr. (...), as well as for  the main candidate for the (...) and to protect the Lower Saxony Day from any security problems from external politically-motivated extremists and other violent criminals and disruptionists. This assignment was dependably and discreetly implemented in an exemplary fashion. The cooperation with local police official security personnel, the State and Federal Criminal Authorities (LKA/BKA) was implemented to our complete satisfaction, and we can definitely recommend your services in the above-mentioned areas of personnel and event protection. As security representative .....

– Security representative of a German Political Party

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