„Express Kidnapping“ Revived


In late March a wave up so called „Express“ kidnappings has taken place in Argentinas capital Buenos Aires, which resulted in at least 16 recognized cases between March 20th to 31st. Those crime targeted randomly selected victims of all ages and social backgrounds and mostly had taken place while the victims has been driving their cars. 

The kidnappings lasted for a few hours as the families are usually informed and forced to collect a handsome sum of money, from 1.000 USD up to 150.000 USD. As such „Express“ kindnappings are not based on a sophisticated schedule or preparations there is no prediction against who or when such crime acts will take place.

Such type of crime is not new to the city, but despite may get more attention by the public as the improvement of the public security was one priority for President Mauricio Macri. Nevertheless, compared to other Latin American countries, Argentina crime scene is still on a quite modest level.

For a better understanding how authorities may respond to a kidnap, it recommended to peruse the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) publication „Counter-Kidnapping Manual“ of 2006 or the „Prevention and Coping Strategies“-Booklet by EUROPOLS European Network of Advisory Teams (EUNAT).

For more information about the issue please click on the links below.

Report by InSightCrime

UNODC information about „Counter-Kidnap Manual“

EUNATs Prevention and Coping Strategies

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