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In the framework of the recent cease of business operations of logistic providers for PMSC in the red sea, the number of reliable operators of support vessels (floating armories) has decreased again in the first quarter of 2017 and makes it more difficult for the shipping industry to select and assign legally compliant PMSC for maritime security tasks onboard vessels transiting through the Indian Ocean HRA as the offshore storage space export control related equipment is running short in the region.


As the last years BIMCO advise for the use of the GUARDCON standard contract especially stressed the verification of the origin and registration of the PMSC’s firearms by the shipowner, the number of competitive PMSC, which are able to offer legally compliant and sustainable service, will keep decreasing and may cause the necessity of operative changes, as the complex logistical structure in the red sea does not fit any longer to the shipowners needs.


In this context i.b.s.® is able to address shipowners with vessels transiting through the Red Sea or especially to and from the Gulf of Aqaba with an alternative hub for armed maritime security services via the port of Eilat in Israel.


Compliant with the BIMCO advise and certified by the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control, i.b.s.® offers it services with firearms and equipment registered and approved by the German authorities under the umbrella of a valid German export license including shipments via the port of Eilat in Israel.


Please contact the i.b.s.® management via info@bodyguardagentur.com for more information about or services.

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