Kidnapping - An Insider Business


Kidnapping-for-ransom is a well known business model for organized crime and has continuously been an attractive opportunity to extort money in a range of few hundred dollars up to several millions, depending on the wealth of the victim and it’s relatives or affiliated companies, organizations and governments.

Incidents with audience appeal, like the recent kidnapping of Aparecida Palmeira, mother-in-law of formula-1-boss Bernie Ecclestone or the abduction of Jesus Guzmán, youngest son of mexican Sinaloa-Cartel kingpin Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán showed, that especially high-profiled targets of kidnappings may become victims of a malicious disclosure of insider informations by their close social enviroment.

A professional and pre-emptively risk management assists the reduction or mitigation of such specifically planned kidnappings of high-profile individuals as well as randomly place taking „Express Kidnappings“ by the enlightenment of gaps and weak-spots in daily routine - also by identifying potential leaks in the closer socioenviroment by a constant monitoring and sensitization of the privat sphere.

Such measures may also include the assessment and training of employees with designated security tasks, a service which i.b.s. has recently very successfully provided for several weeks to a large scale enterprise based in Central America in the light of the still severe threat for kidnappings in the region.

Based on a holistic approach such training covers several aspects of a professional risk management to meet the individual requirements of our customers. This comprises predictive preparations and reconnaissance while the daily routine as well as in-depth procedures and the use of firearms according to the tactical scenarios also besides the sensitization for the dangers of social engineering and it’s possibilities for the extortion of confidential information by criminal third parties.

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